Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June Update from Blackjack

Oliver here reporting from Blackjack Fairgrounds with the current news and interesting info that comes my way.

Change is a comin' - hearing lots of rumors from both sides of the Blue Line.


Today at Blackjack

Food Court Special:
Buffalo burgers

Green Items in Stock for Trading: Salt, antibiotics and home grown veggies

Red Zones (death toll from the initial 23 zones): 30,357,184

Yellow Zones (death toll in the secondary zones): 119,982,101

Red zone travel is still restricted
Yellow zone travel is at your own risk
Safe passage available to Cheyenne, blue line crossing and ASA Refugee centers in New Mexico and Oklahoma. Inquire for available guides at the travel tent.

Blackjack Rules:
No guns
Thieves will be strung up
Buyer Beware


J & R is recruiting for aid missions for the states east of the blue line. Inquire at your local J & R office.

Pool boys - please keep your heads down and stay safe. Your families await your return.

Wanted: Guide trainees-No experience necessary, prefer volunteers without any family and must be able to shoot straight. Inquire at the travel tent.


If you see these two terrorists, please report to your nearest J & R office.


Lots of rumors about J & R's humanitarian efforts. Is J & R really gathering resources to send aid or take over?

Rumors of unrest at Loomer Ridge and there have been several unsubstantiated rumors about riots.

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