Friday, October 31, 2008

Special Halloween Edition

JKI could not get a graphic corn maze web page ready in time for Halloween, so we decided to do a virtual adventure.

For the purposes of this game, all the Jericho groups listed below are part of Stanley Richmond’s Virtual Corn Maze and clues have been left on the boards of these groups.

On a dark and stormy night, a dead body was found on I-70 near Maple Dr. (near the Richmond Farm). Clutched in his hand was a note. The note was addressed to Jake and it had a lot of locations (see list below) written on it. It was signed "Pool Guy" and Jake immediately knew it came from Hawkins. Stanley recognizes the locations as being in his Corn Maze. Both Jake and Stanley are being watched, so they need the local rangers to help them find the information hidden in the corn maze.

Each clue will be in a thread named Virtual Corn Maze Adventure-Clue #. That number corresponds to a location in a sentence (Clue #1 is the first letter in the sentence, etc.). In the thread will be a letter, that is what will be in the sentence. Spaces are left out of the sentence.

Example: Clue #1 has the letter P in it. That means the first letter of the sentence is P.

When you have all 43 clues, assemble the sentence and you have the message that Jake needs. Please don’t post any answers until after midnight PT. If you wish to check your answer, then you can e-mail me at

Hope you have fun participating in this adventure and Happy Halloween from Jericho Kansas Inc.

Locations in Stanley Richmond’s Virtual Corn Maze:
CBS Jericho Board
Jericho Board at IMDB
Jericho Channel
Jericho Fan Fiction
Jericho Forum at Buddy TV
Jericho Forum at Hallmark UK
Jericho Forum at Sci Fi
Jericho Forum at
Jericho Forum at UniversalHD
Jericho Kansas Inc.
Jericho KS
Jericho Net
Jericho Rally Point
Jericho Revolution
Jericho Wiki
Men of Jericho
Nuts for Jericho
Radio Free Jericho
The Richmond Ranch

We apologize for any Jericho groups we left out of this game.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

November Edition of Blackjack Fairgrounds

Welcome to the November edition of Blackjack Fairgrounds, the Jericho blog carnival. Our theme this month is "Happenins' in the Jericho Fandom". The order of the entries matches the reverse timeline in which they entered the Jericho fandom (any errors are the responsibility of the editor).

We hope that you enjoy your time at Blackjack Fairgrounds. Remember the rules: no guns, thieves will be strung up, and be sure to leave before nightfall!

UniversalHD (UHD) Jericho Forum presents:
Supporting UHD and Jericho - letting your Jericho consumer dollars speak.

Join the Ranger Rally on Saturdays at 9 pm ET/6pm PT. Look for the Ranger Rally thread at UHD.

Come relax at the Mega Jericho Chat Thread.

Jericho Forum on Sci Fi presents:
Come vote for the next mayor of Jericho in the Season 3 Mayoral Election Finals. Finalists are Eric Green, Gail Green and Gray Anderson. Last day to vote is November 4th.

Read great Serial Fan Fiction - KrzyKitty’s JLA Squad New Chapters.

Another good read a Jericho Short Story - KrzyKitty’s Jericho One Shot: Remember Me.

Jericho-Kansas (JKI) presents their efforts with the California Jericho Rangers:
Sailing Adventure - our trip in the San Francisco Bay on an old fashion sailing ship. In the Jericho universe, it would be easier to sail across the bay, than ride a horse around it.

Fan Table at Silicon 2008 - going to a local convention is a great way to meet new Jericho fans. There were many fans hungry for news and a lot of potential fans stopped by and asked where they could find the episodes.

Corn Maze Adventure - Jericho fans having an adventure at a local gathering.

JerichoNet (JNet) presents:
Submit Your Recipes For The New Jr4ot Cookbook - please submit your recipes for this cookbook fundraiser.

Discussion on NBC’s TAMi ratings system - join the interesting discussion.

The long running Jake Lusters Anonymous thread - stop by and join us.

Radio Free Jericho (RFJ) presents:
Halloween Party! Friday, Oct 31st - 10 EST, 9 CST Come join us for some spooky fun!

Halloween E-cards - Send a fun or spooky Jericho Halloween E-card to a friend!

Making Jericho - Get the scoop about working on Jericho, direct from the cast and crew! Lots of fun insider stories.

Jericho Rally Point (JRP) presents:
Halloween Spooktacular - with topics for all kinds of Halloween wacky fun.

The Fallout Forum - is for all kinds of debate topics. Lately most topics have been politically oriented. This is where topics that are a little more controversial in nature can be discussed.

Survival Preparedness by Blackpercheron – is a great place to find winter survival and preparation tips.

JRP has an excellent Jericho Fan Fiction section and we are and always looking for submissions by Jericho fans. Also, if anyone has any Jericho art work, graphics or videos they want to show off and/or share Visual Jericho is the place to visit.

CBS Jericho Forum (Jericho Rising) presents:
Community Revitalization Project – an introduction in the Season 2 folder.

Ranger Roll Call – where every Ranger Counts, come post and be counted.

Heather and Jake - the long running thread in the Residents of Jericho folder.

CBS’ new Social Viewing Room – you can watch an episode and play with the interactive features. Come throw poison darts at Constantino or kisses at Jake!

This concludes this edition of Blackjack Fairgrounds.

The theme of the December Edition is "Holidays in Jericho" and will cover any of the winter holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, New Years Eve or Epiphany). Stories, art, games, interesting threads on a holiday theme. Submission deadline is November 25th.

The theme of the January Edition is "Reviews for Episodes 1-11". If you've written a review of any of the first eleven episodes please let us know. Submission deadline is December 27th.

Please send submissions to or