Friday, September 18, 2009

September Edition of Blackjack Fairgrounds

We're back, after a one month vacation, and in this issue we will go over all the ways to order the Jericho Season 3 - Civil War Comic from Devils Due Publishing (DDP).

We hope that you enjoy your time at Blackjack Fairgrounds. Remember the rules: no guns, thieves will be strung up, buyer beware, and be sure to leave before nightfall!


The smash hit TV series returns with the original series writers! Continues where Season 2 cliffhanger ended! There will be six issues of Jericho Season 3 – Civil War. Each issue will have two covers - Cover A and Cover B. One cover will be a drawing and one will be a photo.

There is a special preview being released with issue one -PX - Special Preview is $9.99.

Please order the comic now, since the pre-order sales determine how many are actually printed of each issue.

1. Via Your local Comic Shop
You can contact your local comic ship:

Type in your zip code and find your local comic shop. Contact your local shop and ask them to pre-order the Jericho comic from DDP.

2. Order Direct from the Publisher

You can also order direct from DDP: Six Issue Subscription

There is also a five issue subscription, if you’ve already bought issue #1. The ashcan (collector’s preview) and the special preview are all available via this link: All Jericho Items

3. International Orders
International fans should try Forbidden Planet This link will have the current issues for sale.

If you wish to advance order the other issues go to the home page and click on “Advance Order”, then click on DDP’s icon (red circle with helmeted red-eyed devil).

Come back next month, as we take a look at the further adventures of Jake and Hawkins in issue one of the Jericho Season 3 comic.