Thursday, July 31, 2008

August Edition of Blackjack Fairgrounds

Welcome to the August edition of Blackjack Fairgrounds, the Jericho blog carnival. Our theme this month is "Happenins in the Jericho Fandom". The order of the entries match the timeline in which they entered the fandom (any errors are the responsibility of the editor).

We hope that you enjoy your time at Blackjack Fairgrounds. Remember the rules: no guns, thieves will be strung up, and be sure to leave before nightfall!

From the Cher at the CBS Jericho Message Boards: Beginning the first of July a new Daily Thread was created on the CBS Jericho Forum. This thread was started as just a place to get together, make friends and bond, a place to just have fun and discuss personal items of interest. They tell jokes, talk about their families, pets, vacations, weather and work. Almost everything is allowed except those of an important nature, those will still be on a separate thread. As the month progressed there was a need to more continuity and the thread changed to the Weekly Thread. The hope is that this Weekly Thread will bring unity to the Jericho Rangers on the CBS Board and to help keep the other threads on-topic by having a place to discuss items not associated with any other thread. Catch the weekly thread at the Season 2 Folder.

The editor would like to add that there are many areas of the CBS Jericho Message Board which deserve exploring and urges everyone to explore the areas they don't usually post in.

Callisto925 from the Jericho Rally Point Forum has submitted these entries:

*We have now reorganized and streamlined the Season/Episode and the Cast and Crew forums. Now everything is under one main board and is easy to navigate.

*Callisto925 also wanted to share her fan art work posted here and here.

Maybei from the Radio Free Jericho Forum has submitted these entries:

*Jericho - Questions and Answers
Get the scoop about working on Jericho, direct from the cast and crew! Lots of fun insider stories, behind-the-scenes look at the making of special effects, the Jericho sets and props, what it is like working with the actors and actresses, etc...

*Beyond Jericho
Keep up to date on the new projects by the cast & crew & writers of Jericho.

*Morgan's Weekly Jericho Trivia Game
How much of Jericho do you remember? Everything from soup to NUTS!!

Terocious from Jericho Junction presents Jericho: Small Town on the Big Screen?.

MikesMom from the Jericho Net Forum suggests that you kick back and relax with these entries:

*Follow the battle of the players in the Online Jericho Game, enter at your own risk.

*Would you watch Jericho with a new cast?

*What were they thinking?

Ratkeeper from Jericho Kansas Inc. (JKI) presents:

*The Telegraph, our Jericho blog/news portal. Check the latest news or search for topics on The Telegraph.

*Jericho Emergency Broadcast System (JEBS), the Jericho interforum information/emergency network. For more information go here.

*Contest to Determine Where Loomer Ridge Might Be. Follow the link and submit which numbered location you think is Loomer Ridge. Prize: The winner will receive a survival handbook signed by Carol Barbee, Brad Beyer, Alicia Coppola and Lennie James. Winning entry will be drawn on August 30th. You do NOT have to be registered at JKI to enter.

The Sci Fi Channel is giving us a mini Jericho marathon on Wednesday, August 13th. They will be showing episodes 1-8. Please stop by the Sci Fi Jericho Forum and discuss the episodes.

From dawnbusa at the Jericho Revolution, has a blog entry about her campaign "Jericho and Spreading the Nutty Love".

We would like to welcome the Universal HD Jericho Forum to Blackjack Fairgrounds. When UHD starting showing reruns of Jericho the forum really started to pick up. Reports are that the Administers have been very responsive and the Moderators are very friendly and helpful, uncommon on a lot of public boards. Stop in for a visit: Universal HD.

We have three more independent entries:

From outlaw2448, a fan film project called "Grapevine". Grapevine is a spin-off from Jericho that takes place in Texas. You can see the initial videos at You Tube and you can learn about the production at Blog TV.

From Rosma, our international ally from Spain, we have a fan video urging all the international fans to join the Save Jericho fight. The video is entitled "All together save Jericho".

From krzykat, a series of stories regarding the Jericho Liberation Alliance.

That concludes this edition of Blackjack Fairgrounds. "Happenins in the fandom" has been a popular theme, so every few months we hope to revisit this theme.

The September edition of Blackjack Fairgrounds will be published on August 31st. The theme will be "Jericho Minstrels: Fan Fiction, Videos, Poems and Songs". The submission deadline is August 25th. Please send any submissions to If you are not the creative type, then feel free to tell us about your favorites and we will contact the creator. You can also submit items which don't match our theme and if there is room we will include them (variety is always welcome).

Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

If you are interested in hosting a future edition, then please e-mail Hosts are provided with the entry links and information, and they just need to format and publish the edition.


Balceroregontr said...

Thanks for keeping the fairgrounds alive. I enjoy seeing all the positive things happening in the fandom.

Crystal said...

How wonderful!

Thanks to all of the contributors and thank-you for Blackjack Fairgrounds.


erika said...

WooHoo! Great job guys, keep on keepin' on.